Will We See You at CABE 2016?

CABE2016SavetheDateIf you aren’t a regular attendee of the California Association for Bilingual Education (CABE) annual conference, you are really missing out! Our president, Maya, and VP, Kristie, are always there to represent Lingual Learning, and we find it so energizing to be among colleagues who share our passion for bilingual education. There are quite a few speakers that catch my eye from last year’s program: Jim Cummins, who was way ahead of the Academic Language trend when he coined the terms BICS and CALP (Basic Interpersonal Communication Skills and Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency); Guadalupe Valdes, a dynamo in the world of Latino and ELL empowerment (and one of the board members for my own professional home, the Center for Applied Linguistics); and Jose Luis Orozco, an author and musician that I’ve come to love like an uncle since we discovered his children’s CDs with Spanish songs, poems, and word games; to name but a few of the experts that attended CABE 2015. This year’s list has a few names that catch my eye as well, including Sonia Manzano, who you’ll recognize immediately from Sesame Street, and Jeff Alan Zwiers, who has written an excellent book on incorporating academic language into classroom conversation (and of course, oral language is near and dear to our hearts).

 All this is to say, we are pumped up for CABE 2016 and hope to see you there!

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