I am very impressed with your program. It really is one of the best curriculums I have ever seen. I will continue to ask for it wherever I go. Keep up the good work!

— Alex, San Diego Unified School District

I am a first grade teacher in Anaheim , California and I have been teaching for 20 years. I have taught several ESL classes and have used different ELD programs but nothing that compares to the ELD Links Program. This program is by far the most fun, and easy to follow. Through this program , the students are learning English in a nonthreatening, fun, and motivating way. Due to this program, the students’ language has progressed and their confidence and self-esteem has increased. Not only do the kids love this program but I do too. I strongly recommend this ELD Links Program to all teachers who have English Language Learners in their class. The visits to our school from the creators of this program has been extremely helpful and educational.

I have been using the ELD Links™ Level 1 program for about 7 months and I really feel comfortable using it. The lessons are very easy to follow and can be adjusted depending on the language level of the students. The lessons can be made more challenging for some and easier for others. I like that there are many pictures, the students relate to the lessons through the pictures. This level is for Newcomers. I have noticed that the students need to be a level 1 or 2 in Speaking and Listening on the CELDT to be successful with this level. I have designed my groups with these levels in mind and it has worked very well with for my students.
— Lorna, ELL Instructional Aide

I would recommend this program for English Language Learners. The response frames for each lesson help focus student language for each objective.
My students absolutely love the program and are engaged during the entire lesson. Students enjoy talking with each other and sharing their sketches.
— Alex, 4th grade teacher

The (Journal) activity I believe is very beneficial, and that is where I can really accurately assess them as a class. The students seem to really like it.
— Heather, Kindergarten teacher

I would recommend the ELD Links program to any teacher that has Second Language Learners in their class and needs to provide the students with a structured English program. It provides visuals for the students and with the sentence frames that are provided by the program, students have ample opportunities to practice speaking in complete sentences.
I have found that the students enjoy using a hands-on approach to the program. My students tell me ‘This is fun’, as they manipulate the picture cards around with their partner while they practice speaking English.
— Joanna, 2nd grade teacher

My students seem to really enjoy the interaction portion of the program, and I do hear them use the language.
— Jodi, 5th grade teacher