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Greetings! We are Maya and Kristie, founders of Lingual Learning™. We built our company to support teachers and students in a subject we’re both passionate about – learning language. As classroom teachers, we taught students with many different language backgrounds. Each of us also spent over a decade working in educational publishing, servicing schools and districts across the country. Throughout our teaching and publishing careers, we found a frustrating lack of support for teachers of second language learners, especially those working with Long-Term English Learners. We decided it was time for a change! Lingual Learning™ was born. Our mission: To help 1.2 million students become confidently bilingual by 2020. We can only achieve our goal with the help of educators like you–someone who believes in the power of bilingualism.

Maya Goodall | President & Founder

Maya Goodall has worked in education for over 11 years, teaching both nationally and internationally. She worked for a major publisher in the area of professional development and sales, where she recognized the need for English Language Learner materials that would help support teachers in their endeavors to reach the growing number of non native English speakers in their classrooms. Maya has a rich professional background that includes teaching in the classroom, coaching, training, implementing and designing curriculum with measurable outcomes for use in districts. Maya speaks English, Spanish and Italian.

In addition to a California Teaching license and Bilingual, Cross-cultural, Language and Academic Development credential, Maya holds an M.Ed. and MA in Applied Linguistics.

Kristie Shelley | Vice President, Operations

Kristie Shelley has been a classroom teacher and a professional development consultant in education for over 13 years. She has worked with teachers all across the country providing professional development and guidance on curriculum implementation. Her passion to help educators is unparalleled! Prior to her consulting career, Kristie taught as a 3rd grade teacher in a culturally and linguistically diverse school. She knows first hand the need for English Language Learner material that is appropriate and easy to implement. Kristie loves languages, speaking Spanish and Italian with her friends.

Kristie has an English Learner certified teaching credential and a M.Ed in Curriculum and Instruction.

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