Lessons for Listening and Speaking

Designed to build oral proficiency

“Instruction for ELs in oral language knowledge, skills, and abilities must be explicit, intensive, and extensive. In order to be successful in reading English, ELs must develop proficiency in listening and speaking skills in English—depth and breadth of vocabulary, as well as grammatical structures…”

– CA English Language Development Standards, Ch. 6

ELD Links™ Features

  • Ready-to-teach lessons focused on listening and speaking
  • Portable language structures to compliment any content
  • Scaffolding built in with I Do> We Do> You Do1> You Do2 sequence
  • CA ELD Language Purpose provided foreach lesson
  • Vocabulary Photo Cards to use with Language Frames

Program Overview

ELD Links™ Lesson Sequence


Language Purpose
Grammar Focus


Language Frames
Step‐by‐step teacher script designed to promote student talk time


Language Practice with Pair‐Share
Collaborate with engaging activities


Writing Journal Activity
Suggested Vocabulary with Photo Cards for Language Frames

Free Samples

* Also available in Spanish