Do you treat your students like campers?

camp-182951_640How many of your students went to camp this summer? Did any go to the curious camp from this article?

A Southern California school district offered a free camp this summer, designed especially for English learners. It targeted students who teetered on the brink between English proficiency and becoming long-term English learners – that is, those who scored Intermediate on the state proficiency test.

The idea was to use the engaging aspects of summer camp to expose students to academic concepts in science and art. They did projects and took field trips that used language in context. The camp was run in partnership with a local university and center for the arts and the outcomes were extremely promising. Especially in light of concerns for students getting “stuck” as intermediate speakers of English, similar camps could completely revamp the negative concept of summer school. In fact, the district hopes to see the camp grow in the coming years.

It’s no surprise that the camp was a success – summer camp is inherently fun. And when students are having fun, learning comes naturally and easily. Besides, games are a great way to get desired outcomes for our students.

Harness the power of summer camp in your curriculum this year, and see if your students surprise you.

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