Did you see our new case study?

28eee279-70fc-42cf-b35c-f464153286dbTwo schools in the Anaheim City School District piloted our curriculum, ELD Links, in conjunction with their core ELD curricula, specifically with the goal of reducing the number of students with Intermediate English proficiency. It is often the case that EL students never move beyond Intermediate on standardized tests, thus becoming long-term ELs, a status which is correlated with dropout rates.

As our recently released case study discusses, students need explicit instruction on how English works, and the opportunity to practice, practice, practice, so they can internalize new vocabulary and grammatical structures. ELD Links met these needs during the pilot, and the schools saw incredible improvements among their students. In fact, ELD Links was so successful, it has been adopted district-wide as an easy-to-use curriculum that keeps lessons short, fun, and student-focused.

If you’re in need of a little inspiration, read the details of the case study yourself. And if ELD Links is good enough for one district, maybe it would be good for you, too! Check out our curriculum, and see what you think!

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